I'm not everybody's cup of tea.
Sylvia is like any other conventional 18-year-old. She’s resourceful and tenderhearted. What sets her apart from her peers is her fraternal twin brother, Taylor. Left legally deaf after an altercation with another boy, Sylvia has made it her duty to champion him. She self-taught herself sign language, and habitually, Taylor’s happiness compared to her own is ahead of the curve. Sylvia comes from a home built on top of a moral foundation. She’s still a virgin in its wholeness—no kissing, no sex, zip. When she’s not writing an English essay or playing a cutthroat game of Scrabble with Taylor or Caleb—who she's literally been best friends with her whole life—she’s immersed in becoming a more highly skilled figure skater. Her other crazes—playing piano, collecting stamps and painting—she’s diverse and willing and able to try anything once. A self-proclaimed vegetarian, Sylvia’s pokerface has already fooled everybody. Food vs. Sylvia—an open-ended fight to win power.